Thursday, January 19, 2017

Think - Reuse or Refuse??!!!

We are now in a generation where everything(starting from learning, locating, lactating to lamenting) happens from google. In fact we don't even have to know the complete spelling of a particular word, google slashes our task by providing the most appropriate and of course befitting results. Furthermore, even if we dunno any word, google still accepts what we type and prompts us with search results. Then our “smart brain” picks up something relevant out of the search results.

With this approach of "easy life" we don't think or ponder. We don't drain our mind with thoughts around a particular subject. This makes us refuse the instincts or we don't pay attention to our inner thoughts. Since the accessibility to information is so easy, we do not meddle with re-usability.

On the contrary as considering our parents, they were not accustomed to the “online” way of living. They always preferred talking to elders for seeking knowledge, going to places to explore the region, follow the legacy and comprehend the solutions.

Just to quote an example about our "online" way of living:
If shoes are torn, we don't have the time to look for a cobbler to get it repaired instead we become the preys of online marketing and end up buying a new one. We are earning more, we are spending more and absolutely pay no heed for re-usability. As a child I learnt the rhymes like "cobbler cobbler mend my shoes, get it done by half past two" and I must now teach my kid "amazon amazon send my goods, let it reach by half past two".

On similar lines earlier every shopping(groceries, veggies, toggeries, necessities) happened only by reaching the market physically. There was a thought process involved to evaluate the best means of transport, considering the distance, items to be shopped, efforts and the people going along. On reaching the market place, burn calories by walking all along (no escalator, no lift). There was lot of talking, exchange of ideas happening during the entire event. Once done with shopping board an auto, get back home safe. This would not just finish shopping but also save car parking charges, driver waiting charges, reducing the traffic on road(which is very much needed for the busy bangalore!). Entering home with bags of shopped items was so satisfying.

These are very simple differences, yet they have a lot of correlation in making life happy. In our current routine, do all transactions online and go to gym to burn calories. With the technology boom we are forgetting the basic human nature. Its like – “If we tell people that brain is an app, they might starting using it”(source: whats app)

The technology has brought in comfort and also changed our ways of living.


DISCLAIMER – The information contained on the blog is for general purpose only. The author of the blog has no malice or any kind of negative opinion against google or any other online search engines. This blog is intended to invoke thoughts in the minds and not to trigger anything against the way of living. The objective is to give some food for thought and contemplate the generation gap. The author shall not be responsible for the actions that people take up after reading it. The author is completely aware of the fact that these changes are a part of civilization and no one is responsible for it.

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